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Discover the Healing Power within You

At Central Coast Trauma Centre we have faith in your extraordinary resilience and inherent ability to heal. With our Brainspotting services, we encourage you to begin a transformative journey.

Let's navigate a path to recovery that is both tender and deeply effective. Join us on this voyage where understanding, compassion, and significant transformation are in store.

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a groundbreaking therapy that finds and heals unprocessed trauma in the brain. Imagine holding a remote control for your emotions, with the power to pause on the ones that hurt the most. Brainspotting is like that, but better. It helps you find the "spots" where your brain has hidden away pain, then gently guides you to heal them. It's a bit like discovering the secret passages of your mind, leading you towards peace and resilience.

Your Journey to Healing Starts Here

Discover the Healing Power of Your Brain: Your brain possesses incredible healing capabilities. Through Brainspotting, we access its innate ability to mend and rejuvenate, aiding you in moving past traumas toward a more hopeful and radiant future.

Healing That Goes Beyond Words: Sometimes, the deepest pains are beyond words. Brainspotting reaches those silent spaces, offering a healing touch to wounds that words can't reach.

A Safe Space to Heal: Our Centre is more than a place—it's a sanctuary. Here, you're embraced by warmth and understanding, creating a safe haven for your healing journey.

Our Brainspotting Services

Tailored to You: Your story is unique, and so is your path to healing. Our Brainspotting services are personalised, ensuring that your journey to wellness fits you perfectly.

Guided by Compassion: Our therapists are not just trained experts in Brainspotting; they're compassionate guides on your journey to healing. They're here to support you, every step of the way.

A Community of Healing: Join a community where healing is shared and celebrated. At Central Coast Trauma Centre, you'll find connection, support, and a shared journey towards wellness.

Why Choose Us for Brainspotting?

Our team, proficient in Brainspotting and profoundly empathetic, provides a nurturing and effective healing journey. We aim not only to heal past wounds but also to fortify your future, using Brainspotting to enhance your growth, resilience, and joy. As soon as you connect with us, you become an integral part of our community. Throughout your journey, we accompany you, providing constant guidance, support, and comprehension, every step of the way.

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

Ready to unlock the healing power within? Central Coast Trauma Centre is here to guide you on your journey with Brainspotting. Together, we'll explore the paths to healing, leading you towards a life filled with hope, strength, and joy.

Contact us today to learn more about Brainspotting and start your journey to healing.

Your healing is our mission. With Brainspotting, let's open the door to a brighter, healthier future. Join us, and discover the healing power

What our customers have to say

John Ephraim
John Ephraim
Thank you to BJ @ coast Trauma, you amazing work and dedication to helping ppl has helped my son to recover and return to his life after a traumatic experience. I really can’t thank you enough.
Marlih Jung
Marlih Jung
Comments Marlih Jung BJ is a highly skilled trauma councillor, What you need to know about trauma. To release trauma, one must acknowledge it first. Seek professional help if needed. Express emotions through therapy. Time and patience are essential for healing and recovery. Trauma therapy is a specialized approach to help individuals heal from emotional wounds. It employs evidence-based techniques to address trauma's impact. Skilled therapists provide a safe space for processing emotions and building resilience, promoting recovery and improved mental health. Wishing BJ much success in her new Centre.
Ali C
Ali C
BJ has an extensive knowledge of trauma and it's impacts on the brain and the body. I had not heard of brainspotting prior to making my first appointment, and honestly I was sceptical of it, but needed help with trauma.  BJ created a safe and supportive environment that allowed me to explore my thoughts and feelings without judgment, or trying to intellectualise them. What impressed me the most was the tangible impact of brainspotting. It is so different to other kinds of therapy, you don't sit and talk about traumatic events, it lets your brain process it. After a few sessions things got a bit better. Now 6 months in and my ability to deal with triggers and to emotionally regulate has improved beyond measure, am very grateful.
Lauren Mann
Lauren Mann
Choosing BJ as the therapist to help me work through my anxiety and childhood trauma has been the best decision I've made all year. She's caring, has always validated my emotions and helps me work through them with the use of brain spotting. I really can't thank BJ enough. I feel like a different person, all for the better! If you're wanting to start that scary journey of healing trauma, I would highly recommend choosing BJ ❤️
Ros Oakey
Ros Oakey
BJ is very skilled in her approach. I appreciated being affirmed, having emotions validated and the explanation of how those emotions can manifest in a physical expression.
Vivian Laporta
Vivian Laporta
BJ is a beautiful human and highly qualified. She helps me to transmute my traumas into flowers of wisdom, courage, acceptance, love and balanced emotions. Highly recommend BJ if you are ready to take your life to a next step of healing and growth. Have no words to thank her of our work together ❤️

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